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Need a spring break packing list? Keep reading!

Spring break is an American tradition that began in Florida in 1938. The college students considered spring break as an opportunity to spend time with friends on the beaches. They visited well-known spring break destinations like Panama City, Florida, and South Padre Island, Texas, Mexico.

Spring break has become a worldwide tradition, and it is now one of the busiest tourist seasons. Spring break in India starts in Mid February. It is the beginning of the spring season when the leaves of trees fall, and new leaves begin to bloom. The breathtaking view of many hill stations and mountain ranges provides a retreat to anyone wishing to genuinely soak up the spirit of spring and enjoy the season.

If you have plans to travel in spring, this post is for you. You will find packing tips for the spring break trip!

Spring Break Packing List – Clothes and more

Why is spring considered the best season to travel? It is neither too cold in the winter nor too hot in the summer to go out and explore travelling. It is easy to adapt to loose and airy clothing and gorgeous outdoors in the spring season. 

Here is the list of things you should carry for your spring break –

Reusable water bottle – How much did you spend on buying water bottles on your last trip? Buying packaged drinking water not only increases your budget but also pollutes the environment. During my visit to Vagamon, I recall counting the number of bottles thrown by tourists at one particular location, and it exceeded 50. Consider how many plastic water bottles travellers would toss around India’s tourism sites. So be a responsible citizen and buy a reusable water bottle for the spring trip.

Packing cubes -When it comes to preparing for your spring break trip, packing cubes will come in handy. These will help pack and unpack a breeze, as well as keep your luggage organised throughout your vacation. You can use the packing cubes to keep an extra pair of shoes, toiletries, or cosmetics. 

Flip flopsFlip flops get an important place in the packing list for travellers. It can be worn for a relaxed beach walk or busy street shopping. Buy a comfortable flip flop for your spring break from a variety of choices offered in Amazon or other marketplaces.  

Tank tops – The fashion season is leaning towards tank tops. You can pair the tank top with trousers, skirts or shorts. Tank tops can be layers with jackets or t-shirts too. Choose the stylish tank top to add a style statement for your spring break.

Neck wallets – Regardless of where you’re going, you’ll be glad you carried a neck wallet with you. Neck wallets help organise credit cards, photo id proofs, debit cards, napkins, hand sanitizer, and masks.

Waterproof phone cover – You don’t have to worry about leaving your phone on the beach while you go for a swim if you use a waterproof phone case. You can even use your phone while swimming around if you keep it in this handy pouch.

What not to pack for the spring break packing ?


1) Your entire wardrobe – Don’t add too many clothes to your spring break packing list. Too much luggage is difficult to carry, so carry only essential outfits. Instead of folding your clothing, roll them. It will help you save space and prevent wrinkles in your dress. Having extra space in your bag is an added advantage because you can shop souvenirs for your loved ones.

2) Expensive items – Carry only necessary amounts and cards, do not carry too much liquid cash, jewellery, and other valuables for the spring break.

3) Hefty books – Instead of taking a bunch of bulky books, bring a small and compact kindle if you plan to do some reading on your trip. Your luggage will be lighter as a result of this!

4) Winter coats – Unless you are travelling for a cold destination, don’t include the winter coats in packing lists. If you want to know more about winter layering and how to style those layers for spring break, jump to the next section!

Sweaters and Pullovers

Two-in-one sweaters from Kosha will make travelling easy. They are made from Merino Wool which is silky, skin-friendly wool that has moisture-wicking and odour-resistant features.

You can check out neat sweaters for men here | For women here

You can check out comfy sweatshirts for men here | For women here

You can check out stylish pullovers for men here | For women here.


Base layers are worn close to the skin, so buying itch-free, comfortable, and anti- odour base layers helps you to keep warm and cosy. Check out Kosha’s base layers that can be doubled up as a T-shirt.

You can check out merino wool thermals for men here.

You can check out merino wool thermals for women here.

Woollen bottoms – Snow Pants

Woollen bottoms are necessary for outdoor winter activities, choose Kosha’s bottom wear that are soft, durable and moisture wicking.

Locations shown : Sangam Point Ladakh & Srinagar Tulip Gardens. Kosha Merino x Bamboo Base Layers come in a variety of colours to keep you chic on your travels.

You can check out merino wool thermal bottoms for men here | For women here

You can check out ski pants for men here | For women here.

Warm accessories

Along with the layers mentioned above, accessories play a vital role in keeping you warm during the winter. Choose the proper accessories from Kosha, such as beanies, mufflers, socks, and shawls.

We’ve got something for everyone!

You can check out merino wool accessories for men here.

You can check out merino wool accessories for women here.

Warm socks 

Warm socks are required to keep our feet dry and warm. Choose from a wide range of breathable, durable merino wool socks from Kosha for your spring break.

You can check out winter socks for men here.

You can check out winter socks for women here.

Styling tips for spring break

As Winter melts away and the first snowdrops push through, it is time to add some Spring colours, textures & vibes to your outfits. Don’t cast off your winter essentials like your thermals and accessories just yet, they can serve you well if styled cleverly. Read on for some easy wardrobe edits for this season.

Quick Tip 1: Use thermals as tees & tights

Don’t be fooled by the balmy days, that deceptive frosty Spring breeze can be felt right to the bone. This is where Merino Wool x Bamboo blend base layer tees and leggings come in handy. Chic enough to be worn as is, cozy enough to use as a layer. 

Pair Kosha’s stylish base layers with your favourite skirts, trousers, shorts or even as a layer below your summer outfits. Having temperature regulating properties, it can keep you warm (merino) yet be breathable (bamboo) on unpredictable Spring days.

Quick Tip 2: Choose colours inspired by nature

Be it fresh leaves, snow laden branches, bare trees with closed buds, brighter skies. Take a look around you and choose colours to celebrate nature. Biodegradable, natural fibre thermals that are eco-conscious go the extra mile in such cases. 

The super soft fabric blend is odour resistant and stays fresh longer than traditional thermals. Kosha’s sleek base layers are the go to choice for changing seasons.

Quick Tip 3: Switch to multi purpose cotton basics 

Spring is special, with its misty mornings, chilly evenings and cold nights. Embrace the new season with this smart hack – add easy to peel cotton layers on top of your base layers! We recommend something that can transition effortlessly to Summer as well and are versatile enough to stay relevant across occasions and moods.

Live-in perennials, Organic Cotton Basics are the answer! Throw on a Hoodie with pockets for days. Style them over base layers or just your regular outfit for that extra bit of warmth. Chill in the comfiest joggers that also happen to be super stylish, ideal for travel, workouts, grocery runs, airport looks and are a sharper alternative to pyjamas! 

Do we need to say more?

Quick Tip 4: Choose vibrant, versatile options that can be styled for different occasions

For instance all weather Supima Cotton Pullovers, that can be worn for weekend getaways, lazy staycations, work from home video calls, date nights, quality me time… the list is pretty much endless! 

As the weather heats up, ditch the base layers and wear these pullovers as crew neck tees or over collared lightweight cotton shirts, if you want a more semi formal look. Since they are in a timeless silhouette that can be dressed up or down. Wear them over shorts, skirts, jeans, skater dresses or below a blazer.

The best part – Kosha’s Supima & Organic Cotton collections are not just chic everyday wear, they are designed to level up for the outdoors, adventure, jungle safaris, treks and hikes as mid layers!

Quick Tip 5: Amp up your accessorising

Keep it simple fellow explorers. Be it hiking trails, taking a ferry ride, an evening stroll, an afternoon gardening, maybe a sunrise bike ride? Whatever the activity, the company, the occasion – stay stylish with smart merino wool accessories like beanies, mufflers, mittens, socks to keep your extremities warm. 

This allows you to remove them as the day progresses plus gives you more freedom with your outfit. You can also opt for wool blend scarves, modal stoles, touch enabled gloves for more versatility and regular use. Contrast, match, mix – your mood, your choice!

With these easy travel packing hacks, you can hold onto the wintry vibes without overheating or worrying about the Spring flu! Enjoy this beautiful season of new beginnings without your wardrobe holding you back. 

This article was written by Kosha Team Member Namrata Ganguly and updated by Keerthiga Rani.

Check in again next season for our Summer Wardrobe Edit! Until then, stay tuned for more stories! Share your adventure and experience with us by tagging us @koshatravelwear on InstagramFacebookLinkedInPinterest and use #mykoshastory !

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