15 Best eco-friendly gifts India for any occasion 2021/22

Eco-friendly gifts India

Ring in the festive season with eco-friendly gifts in India!

Diwali is the festival of lights in India and gifts light up people’s faces like nothing else. The festive season is just around the corner and it is on all our minds to be able to give our loved ones something special! 

After countless days of working from home, our friends, family, even colleagues deserve something that lets them know that we’re thinking of them. Apart from gift items like handmade paper or recycled paper, there are various different items that count as thoughtful and personalised! 

Eco friendly gifts India, from Kosha

Eco-friendly gifts India, from Kosha

If you too come from a family that loves to travel, this one’s for you. The season is winter and nothing will be of greater utility than some chic and warm winter apparel. Read on to find the one perfect eco-friendly gift for your kith and kin!

15 Best eco-friendly gifts in India for any occasion 

#1 Warm stoles and scarves

Stoles and scarves are probably first in number when it comes to gifting accessories. These are as stylish as they are useful. They can go well with almost every kind of dressing style be it sarees, skirts and tops, skiing suits, jeans and shirts etc, they add grace to your overall look.


Kosha’s Merino Wool Scarf

Kosha’s stoles and scarves are made with a special diamond weave. This weave, as its name suggests, makes the product more glamourous in appearance while adding to its warmth. The scarf is light in weight and very soft on the skin. You can wear it during any time of the day and it will still suit the lighting. 

Being light in weight, this scarf is very compressible and easy to pack. It is made from 100% natural fine wool that leaves behind a cushiony feel on the skin. Wool is an eco-friendly alternative for winter wear fabric. It is a renewable resource and its procurement causes the least possible harm. As Kosha’s scarves have 100% natural wool, it is made sure that they do not go through any reprocessing like its synthetic substitutes.

 When worn on its own, this scarf can be donned in the temperature range from 25 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius. It can be worn in even lower temperatures (5 degrees Celsius) when with other base layers.

 Kosha’s scarves for women are available in shades of pastels and more. Wear these with contrasting outfits to get a better look. The various colours available are mint, lapis blue, sand, scarlet red, coral pink, turquoise modal plain, champagne, mustard, peach, ruby red, royal blue and black! Wear these as a quick relief from freezing cold! 

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#2 Warm socks

Socks are the perfect gifts for most occasions but they make the most sense in winter. This December, do not fret while searching for Christmas gifts. A pair of socks is a subtle present that can also do well as a stocking stuffer.

Merino Wool Socks

Merino Wool Socks

Kosha’s range of eco-friendly no-blister socks is something to look out for. These socks are made of 100% merino wool making them a sustainable alternative. Merino wool is a very natural kind of wool that comes from Merino sheep. It is thinner than normal wool and also provides a more comfortable user experience. This fabric is biodegradable, renewable, fire-resistant and also provides UPF protection in most cases (depending upon the make). Taking all these features into account, these merino wool socks are a loaded package.

These no-blister socks, as the name suggests, aim to shield the feet from harm. Their features include a breathable mesh for added feet ventilation, a horizontal grip patch and even odour control abilities (to some extent).

Wear these with compatible winter shoes and protect your feet in the best possible manner. Kosha’s no-blister socks for men are available in colours like olive, blue, dark brown, classic grey etc whereas women’s no-blister socks are in dual colours with an orange-black pairing and a grey-black pairing.

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#3 Winter gloves

Taking inspiration from movies like Serendipity, gifting winter gloves to your loved ones is also a very well-thought idea! Winter gloves have the grace and elegance it takes to be a classic Christmas present and can act as one of the best eco-friendly gifts India. They can be worn especially if one is a frequent traveller and is planning a trip to a very cold place.

Waterproof Gloves

Waterproof Gloves

Gloves have great utility as they help provide insulation to your hands while also supplying enough grip. This winter product also saves your hands from going numb due to excessively cold weather. Kosha’s range of mittens and winter gloves can help you here.

Made from merino wool and elastane, these winter gloves are the perfect fit for any winter outing. They can be worn in a temperature range from 15 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius but one is recommended to wear them according to their resistance to cold. Merino wool is an eco-friendly, sustainable choice as compared to other winter wear fabrics.

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#4 Winter caps

Winter caps and hats are also a great gifting choice. Be it an adventure trip, a business visit or a casual outing, winter caps are the kind of winter apparel that suit every occasion. 

Animal friendly gloves and woolen cap

Animal friendly gloves and woolen cap

Wearing a bright beanie with otherwise pastel coloured clothing adds just the right amount of pop to the outfit! Apart from the aesthetic appeal of the headgear, the product also has enormous utility for the user.

Kosha has a wide range of unisex beanies made from acrylic wool. These can be folded and worn according to one’s preference of wear. It comes in breathable fabric that ideally intends to cover the head and the ears. Use these when the temperature range is from 15 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius.

Available in seven gorgeous colours, these beanies fit every size. Wear these and pose in your favourite winter city for the perfect insta picture!

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#5 Warm sweaters

 There is no doubt that sweaters are the mascot of winter clothing. Be it aesthetics or utility, when it comes to trust and reliance, sweaters form to be the preferred choice for winter apparel. Sweaters can be worn on any occasion be it a business trip, a casual outing, festive wear or even an adventure trip.

Kosha’s range of woollen sweaters is the safest winter gift there is! Made with merino wool and acrylic, this durable winter apparel comes with features of ribbed cuffs and bottom hems and is one of the best eco-friendly gifts India.

Merino Wool Sweaters

Merino Wool Sweaters

When worn on its own, Kosha’s sweaters range from 15 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius. It can be donned in lower temperatures with the added use of base layers. 

For women, there is the option of classic button-down sweaters in multiple colours. The alternate choice is stylish turtlenecks which are a bold choice especially when it comes to gifting. 

When it comes to men’s sweaters one can choose from simple full-sleeved sweaters and sleeveless sweater vests. The sweaters are dual coloured and can be reversed and used.

This festive season, give the most classic winter apparel there is! These sweaters make for a great selection even for the eco-conscious user as they are made from fabric that is natural and renewable.

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 #6 Hoodies and sweatshirts

Hoodies and sweatshirts are the modern-day equivalents of casual winter outfits. Whether it is to battle the freezing air conditioning at your workspace or just to shield yourself from the chilly winds during a morning jog, hoodies and sweatshirts are your go-to.

Kosha's Organic Cotton Hoodie

Kosha’s Organic Cotton Hoodie: Best eco-friendly gifts India

Light in weight and easy to pack, hoodies are the one thing you cannot afford to forget packing while travelling. Easy to carry, hoodies often add to the aesthetics of the outfit. They are the reason why ‘gym looks’ and ‘airport looks’ of celebrities have been glamourized by the media to such a great extent.

Kosha’s On the Go range of hoodies and sweatshirts can be the perfect gift for your eco-friendly travel-enthusiast friends and family. Kosha’s sustainable hoodies are made from 100% organic cotton. 

Organic cotton is made by taking conscious efforts to help contribute to saving the environment.The fabric uses the least number of pesticides in its make and is grown in very few areas. Made with super soft fabric, this hoodie has moisture-wicking properties. It comes in varied colours and has a feature of an adjustable hood.

The hoodie can be worn on its own in a temperature range of 10 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius (depending on the individual’s resistance to cold) It can be worn in even lower temperatures when paired with other base layers.

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#7 Utility winter jackets

We all know one adventure junkie who can’t wait for the pandemic to end to resume their hikes, ski trips and so on. Such adrenaline mongers would love it if someone were to encourage their activities. You can be the one who gifts them winter clothing that they don proudly wear on their next trip. 

Kosha Winter Jackets

Kosha Winter Jackets: Best eco-friendly gifts India

Winter jackets, parkas, puffer jackets, winter coats etc can all be looked into in order to decide on a perfect winter gift.

Puffer jackets are the safest winter jacket as they are loved by most. They are the classic stylish winter clothing that reminds everyone of popular winter destinations.

Kosha’s range of puffer jackets has many features that further encourage the consumer to choose them. This puffer jacket is mid-length in size and is super light in weight. 

Being on the lighter side, the jacket is easy to carry and is very compressible. It has features like front pockets and chest pockets, underarm vent zip, and a sturdy zip that runs down from the middle of the jacket. 

The product can be worn on its own in a temperature range from 15 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. With compatible base layers, one can also wear it in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius.

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#8 Snow pants

Winter pants or snow pants are the most underrated form of winter apparel and not many are aware of its benefits. This is why they would make for a great winter gift!

Bottoms for Winter

Snow Pants/Bottoms for Winter: Best eco-friendly gifts India

When one visits places of extreme cold, wearing jeans or denim material won’t be advisable. Regions that experience rains, snow or something as extreme as hailstorms need a material that is snowproof, strong, water-resistant while also being comfortable.

Kosha’s range of thermal wear covers all of these features. Made with a unique combination of merino wool and bamboo, this thermal wear collection is a great purchase. Wear these as base layers in extremely cold regions or just wear them on their own during chilly winters, these winter pants will not disappoint. 

Kosha’s thermal pants are moisture-wicking, anti-odour, durable bottoms with anti-bacterial properties for added benefits.

Wear these for skiing, hiking, adventure sports as they are breathable and allow free flow of movements. They can be donned easily in a temperature range of 10 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius and in temperatures that reach as low as -20 degrees Celsius with the correct additional layers.

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#9 Pullovers

Pullovers are another low-key winter apparel that comes to tremendous use when it comes to winter trips. Be it a business trip, an indoor gathering, a snow hike or just a stroll across the park, pullovers match every occasion.

Comfortable Pullovers

Comfortable Pullovers

Kosha’s collection of pullovers offers a smart and casual look to the users. These pullovers come with ribbed cuffs and hems; they have a classic crew neck that matches every outfit. These pullovers are very durable while being soft on the skin.

Kosha’s range of pullovers is made from superior quality Pima cotton which is also known as Supima Cotton. This material is sustainable and can be worn in temperatures that range from 20 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius depending upon one’s body resistance to cold. One can also wear these with compatible base layers in colder regions.

Supima is a premium quality cotton fibre that is more durable than regular cotton. Wearing these with any kind of winter pants or denim will make for a great winter outfit. To sharpen the look, pair them with a contrasting-coloured bottom. You can also pair it with a contrasting coloured scarf to make a complete gift set.

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#10 Hiking Backpack

What better gift for a hiker/trekker than a hiking backpack? These environment-friendly backpacks are also extremely chic!

Backpack as gifts

Patagonia’s Ascensionist Pack 55L has loads of features making it the best choice for gifting this holiday season. The features include dual aluminium stays for the heaviest of loads, an ice tool carrying system, a rope carrying system, removable lids and compression straps, a long spindrift collar for better durability and usability, and easily customizable options. 

Made in Vietnam, this backpack is a definite nature-friendly choice as it is constructed from recycled materials like recycled polyester, recycled nylon etc. The product also follows a one-of-a-kind bluesign system for the maximum use of consumer safety and improvement in environmental performance.

Purchase this product for eco-conscious friends and relatives and be the best ‘gift-giver’ there is!

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#11 Winter boots or shoes

Hikers will agree that finding footwear that suits winter weather conditions is a tough job. There are many things to be considered before investing in an appropriate pair of winter shoes. However, winter footwear is a much needed, almost mandatory purchase.

Winter Boots

Winter Boots

Be it a snow hike, skiing trip or just a winter visit to a foreign city, it is recommended to carry appropriate winter shoes. Snow boots are different to regular shoes in the way that they have a different grip and among other things, they are water-resistant and snow-proof. 

As the place where one will wear these is extremely cold, these shoes should also provide the necessary amount of insulation that the feet require.

Check out these shoes by Decathlon and make your choice! Click here to check out the product

#12 Thermos and insulated water bottles

Thermos and insulating water bottles are great options for gifting purposes. They have immense utility when it comes to adventure activities in snow like skiing or winter hikes. These thermoses and flasks can be used to keep coffee and tea warm in freezing regions.


Thermos: Best eco-friendly gifts India

They can be easily found in eco-friendly varieties as they are made from steel and metal materials. For the eco-conscious travel junkies, these can be a very thoughtful gifting product. Check Wonderchef’s flasks and thermoses! 

Other eco-friendly options would be copper, metal or wooden flasks. 

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#13 Earmuffs

For the fans of minimalism, something simple and subtle like earmuffs is a great present! Choosing eco-friendly variants of winter accessories to come under thoughtful gifts. Make a personalised set of minimalist items according to your set price range!


Earmuff: Best eco-friendly gifts India

Earmuffs are as stylish as they are useful. Winter accessories make up for the fourth layer of winter clothing that is as important as the rest. 

Accessories like beanies, earmuffs etc cover the ear opening therefore not letting the cold air seep in. This simple winter gear plays a very important role when it comes to shielding from cold winds. 

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#14 Cashmere wraps and shawls

Cashmere wraps and shawls add the tinge of grace and a personal touch to gifting. Ethically sourced, sustainable shawls made by local, small businesses are a definite win-win. Why not help a local while being environmentally conscious while gifting a beautiful winter garment?

Shawls, pashminas, wraps etc help fight winter chills while keeping your outfit on point. Use shawls on tours and trips where the least physical movement is required as these products tend to restrict movement.

For the fashionable of the lot, gift them one of these!

Browse here to check out the product. 

#15 Faux fur

Fur was once very popular in the fashion x winter wear industry. However, keeping climate change in mind, a material should be used that is sustainable and eco-conscious. 

Faux Fur

Faux Fur

Faux fur is the new substitute that matches normal fur in its physical appearance but is very advantageous when it comes to the environment. Ethically sourced and produced faux fur coats can make for a wonderful winter gift!

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The pandemic has indeed brought the world to halt while promoting online ways of everything- even shopping. Adding stuff to your cart has completely changed its meaning just as browsing through your laptop has become the new ‘window shopping’. Hope reading this helped you. 

Other than that, pay attention to people as they might be dropping subtle hints about their wishlists already! 

The season of winter festivals is nearing and we wish you happy holidays! This eco-friendly gifts India selection can suit any purpose be it corporate gifts, gift packs or presents for colleagues or elders in the family. Happy shopping! 

This blog article is written by Kosha Team Member – Sanika Totade.



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